Frans Timmermans, the European Commission’s first vice-president, said on Thursday that Britain was being left behind by the EU in the strength of its sanctions against Russian moneymen and their businesses

Many people, especially younger ones are realizing the growing importance of China and are looking into Chinese Summer Programs. These allow students to study flexibly and cheaply in a most effective way. In fact it can easily be argued that cultural immersion is the best way to learn a new languag

His comments came as officials in France seized an £86million superyacht linked to Rosneft chairman Igor Sechin – a close ally of the Russian President – in the Mediterranean port of La Ciotat close to Marseille.

And with a population of over 1 billion and a 4000 year old history it has plenty to offer the visitor who is keen to understand and appreciate their surroundings. Some of China’s most outstanding features include the famous Great Wall, and Panda Bears.
Unfortunately sometimes overlooked are the amazing Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warrior

Since, she has capitalized on the media attention gained from the coverage of her taunting of Caitlin Clark; appearing in Sports Illustrated and signed an NIL deal with Baton Rouge Mercedes Benz, among others. 

Reese joined fellow LSU student-athlete Olivia Dunne at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch party in Manhattan last month. Both appeared in the magazine. Reese shot in Los Angeles while Dunne was snapped in Puerto Rico.

The superyacht features its own helipad. The seizure comes after Usmanov, an Uzbekistan-born billionaire with Russian citizenship and who is thought to be worth around £15billion, was sanctioned by the European Union in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

AKRON, Ohio (AP) – An Ohio grand jury declined to indict eight police officers who fired 94 shots in the death of Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old Black man who fired at least one round at officers during a car and foot chase last summer, the state’s attorney general announced Monday.

Many people use these programs as a ‘foot in the door’ to help them gain internships or access to volunteer opportunities. Of course, it is obvious that professionals and business owners can also greatly benefit from these programs. is just one website that provides a wealth of resources for people wanting to enrol in a Chinese summer progra

While there are already work requirements for most able-bodied adults between 18 and 49, the bill raises the age limit to 54, but has an expiration date and would lower the age right back down to 49 in 2030.

However, as mentioned, just about anyone, from interns to business professionals can gain a lot through programs such as these. The chance to learn a language through cultural immersion is an obvious benefit to studying in China. But China is also an amazing and diverse country, with 22 separate provinces, each with their own unique characte

Britain is still on course to bolster the Kremlin’s coffers with £2billion-a-year for imported Russian liquefied natural gas as Brent crude oil today topped $119 per barrel, is now up almost 20% on the week and is expected to rise even higher because of the war in Ukraine;

It comes after Usmanov, an Uzbekistan-born billionaire with Russian citizenship and who is thought to be worth around £15billion, was sanctioned by the European Union in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

House Democrats helped Kevin McCarthy pass the debt limit deal he made with President Joe Biden that will suspend the $31 trillion limit for two years in a 314 to 117 vote in the House late Wednesday night 

‘And I think now even parties who accepted funding from oligarchs should understand that they, you know, they need to change course, because that’s what – if I don’t misunderstand the public mood in the UK – that’s what the British public want.’

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It comes as French authorities today they have seized a luxury superyacht belonging to a company linked to Igor Sechin (pictured here with Putin in August last year), the chief executive of Russian energy giant Rosneft and a close confidant of Putin

The shooting outraged many in Kansas City and across the country.
Civic and political leaders – including President Joe Biden – demanded justice. Some, including lawyers for Yarl, pressed the racial dimension of the case.

Pictures taken today show the massive boat, which has a 25-meter swimming pool, surrounded by scaffolding and waterproof covering as it sits in the dry dock of Blohm Voss Dock; where it has been since late October for a refitting job. 


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