‘We want to see the faces of our children. We want to see their smiles,’ the mayor said, adding that parents with kids over the age of five could still send their children to school with face coverings if they wished.

As she has aged, Ms Stout has noticed that the attention from others was less physical and more intrusive as strangers would approach her and ask her personal questions about her skin, making her feel as though they were treating her as less-than-human.

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Bryant’s second compliant with the EOCR called out a glaring error in the activist’s tale – despite around 30 people witnessing the event, no one could collaborate that Bettinger referred to them as ‘speed bumps’ 

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The activist’s Twitter thread garnered a lot of hatred toward Bettinger, with people posting the student’s Facebook account, photos of her profile picture with the Blue Lives Matter banner, and photos of her and her later father in his uniform. 

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Despite the city’s reputation for obstinance, Adams said that New York business were 90 per cent in compliance with restrictions pandemic restrictions that were placed on them, including limited hours, restricted capacity for stores, worker safety protocols and other regulations.

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However, since gaining her following, she has had to put up with trolls calling her ‘gross’ and dehumanizing her by asking intrusive questions like whether she can have sex when her skin can not tolerate friction. 

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‘We have become so boring as a city,” he said. ‘I want to become a city of excitement. We are looking to reinstate every parade, every festival, every block party. People need to get outdoors and enjoy our city again.’

To raise awareness for her condition and help others in a similar situation, Ms Stout launched a TikTok profile with over 21,000 followers and her most popular video being viewed by over 472,000 people.

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