‘He confirmed that he did not see the train approaching, and did not even hear a sound, even after a car had stopped on the other side of the street,’ police chief Carlos Paravidino told news outlet G1. A car could be seen on the opposite side waiting for the train to pass by just moments before the school bus driver approached the railroad track, drove over it and was hit by a train. Brazilian authorities said that two children, aged 11 and 15, were declared dead on the scene Gemma Fernandez, who first wrote to Bronson after seeing Tom Hardy play him in a 2008 film about his life, has attended this week’s public parole hearings where he asked to be released after 48 years behind bars.  ‘She is a 2017 Graduate of the University of Houston and was on the Dean’s List in the College of Education from Fall 2015-2017 and is the HAABE (Houston Area Association of Bilingual Educators) 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year.’ ‘Other [witnesses] referred to the bunker mentality that developed in the council, describing a culture that was unreceptive to external views, discouraging of internal dissent and prone to group think.’ They conducted their ‘relationship’ through letters and video calls, named ‘purple visits’, and she was even allowed a visit to meet him face-to-face at HMP Woodhill after Covid restrictions eased in 2021.

Charvas Thompson (pictured right), 26, who was being held for the murder of 28-year-old Wendy Duan (pictured left), died inside the Caddo Parish jail, police revealed Thursday, but they did not state when he was pronounced dead This won’t be the first time that Chalamet has sung for a movie production. He previously performed a rendition of Chet Baker’s Everything Happens to Me in Woody Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York (2019), and he shows off his vocal chops in seven songs for the upcoming Wonka prequel.

‘It’s such an amazing time in American culture,’ he explained, adding, ‘The story of a young, 19-year-old Bob Dylan coming to New York with like two dollars in his pocket and becoming a worldwide sensation within three years — first being embraced into the family of folk music in New York and then, of course, kind of outrunning them at a certain point as his star rises so beyond belief. He would go on to have his breakthrough as a songwriter with the release of his follow-up , The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (1963), that opens with Blowin’ In The Wind, which became an anthem of the 1960s.

‘They had 59 or 60 seats out of 84 on the council, so could do what they wanted and the attitude was, “How could middle-class Nimbys in posh houses in the west of the city resist us?” It became a sort of class war.’ There are early reports from that the biopic will be set around 1965, with an emphasis on the period when Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman) went electric for a more rock ‘n’ roll sound, which sparked backlash from some members of the folk movement who criticized him for moving away from political songwriting and performing with an electric band.

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