Gerard’s new girlfriend and co-worker Clara Chia Marti appears to be in the background of a zoom interview the footballer did from his family home in Barcelona, while Shakira was reportedly abroad with their two children.  Discussing their future Kai spoke about his family as he told Sanam: ‘My mum will absolutely adore you because you’re literally the kindest most sweet hearted girl that I’ve ever met and she will see how good you are for me.’ Of late, the address – a lavish apartment in the heart of bustling, vibrant Barcelona – gained notoriety after she set up a Halloween witch on her balcony to symbolically face the home of her mother-in-law, Montserrat, who lives next-door.  If reports circulating across Spain are true, Colombian star Shakira has been served an eviction notice from businessman Joan Piqué demanding she vacate the Catalan property she shared with her estranged partner and their two children.  “When you´re held accountable for your behavior, these are the things that happens with our children´s district and the only people that are suffering are our parents and our children,” said Keyser, executive director of the Simply H.E.R.

Kai and Sanam also bonded over their careers as he said: ‘Our careers are so similar, it takes a special sort of person to go into the careers that we both went into, me being a teacher and you being a children’s social worker.’ While a fifth quipped: ‘Looks like Shakira has found a new way to stay at the top of the charts, by channelling her inner witch and unleashing a voodoo-inspired revenge campaign on her ex-mother-in-law’s house. All over: After an 11-year relationship that appeared to mirror that of David and Victoria Beckham in terms of public unity, Shakira and Gerard Piqué stunned fans by announcing their separation in June 2022 (pictured 2014) The vacated property was also a home to her parents, and the pained expression worn by the singer during a recent shopping trip in New York City is claimed to be a direct result of Piqué’s eviction letter.  The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne’s poll of 1575 parents on childhood bullying found while there is a good understanding of bullying and the resources available to tackle it, 89 per cent of parents of bullied children said the experience had impacted the entire family.

They also claimed the two boys would start school in Florida on April 11, identifying the educational centre as Miami Country Day which is just north of the city and has a reputation as one of the best private schools in day for children their age. The decision is up to the Texas Education Agency, which said in a statement that it was still determining next steps that “best support the students, teachers, parents, and school community.” A spokesperson for Abbott, who appoints the state’s education commissioner, did not return a message seeking comment.

Another wrote: ‘I swear to god that pique has such an audacity.. like imagine being that racist and xenophobic to the mother of your kids who’d literally put her international career on a pause just to take care of her family and pique turns to cheat on her….

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