‘After the Holocaust, in Russia you were not allowed to be religious. So my parents raised me to know I was Jewish. You know who you are inside. When I was in school you would still see anti-Semitic signs.

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‘While people in northern NSW aren’t able to work, are still clearing out their homes and businesses, the extra two $1000 payments we’re rolling out to eligible families and individuals will support our communities as they start to rebuild their lives,’ she said.

In announcing her departure from politics, Ms Cusack said: ‘The idea that being a flood victim in a National Party-held seat makes you more worthy than a flood victim who is in the Richmond electorate…

Scott Morrison told Weekend Today the idea his cabinet has been too slow to respond to emergencies was nothing more than a ‘Labor narrative’ – despite criticisms being levelled by members within the Coalition.

‘It’s the debt ceiling negotiations that oftentimes force the biggest budget reforms, which have been really important for our country,’ Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, a member of GOP leadership, said to Punchbowl News on Monday.

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‘When you’re talking about the investments of hundreds of millions of dollars – and indeed billions now – then people would expect this to go through the proper assessment of the proposals which we did yesterday,’ Mr Morrison told reporters in Perth.

‘As MAGA House Republicans go to Florida for their retreat, the White House and Congressional Democrats are going on offense, slamming the Freedom Caucus’s MAGA Budget Proposal as a Five-Alarm Fire for hardworking families. 

U.S. Capitol Police officers stand guard near the Capitol Building Tuesday morning as a security perimeter has been erected around the building for President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday night 

Earlier on Thursday, Social Services Minister Anne Ruston announced the government would provide an additional $9million to 83 emergency and food relief services supporting flood victims in northern NSW and Queensland.

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‘And normally in natural disasters there’s a lot of bipartisanship, people work together, but unfortunately over the last three-and-a-half years they’ve tried to use it to have a crack at me on every occasion.’   

In Virginia, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin’s pro-parents campaign allowed the first-time candidate to take out former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who’s been involved in politics for decades.     

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Fundraiser: The couple launched a GoFundMe page on Thursday with the goal of raising $30,000,000 for Flexport.org and Airbnb.org, which are ‘two organizations who are actively on the ground providing immediate help to those who need it most’

The White House is focused on a budget plan from the conservative Freedom Caucus that would cap overall discretionary spending at fiscal 2022 levels for 10 years while allowing for 1 percent growth per year, which would be a $131 billion cut from current levels.

Mila – who was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine – appeared alongside Ashton in a video shared to his Instagram account, where she spoke publicly for the first time about the ‘devastating’ conflict in her native country.

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